Redundant energy from photovoltaics?



We can create and operate a small MINING FARM ASIC or GPU in your company or home to MINING CRYPTO VALUES, without a large investment you can produce wealth that is constantly evaluated over time instead of selling off energy

mining crypto with energy surplus
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Cryptocurrency mining consists of verifying the transactions of users on the blockchain through cryptography and computing power. Users transacting on the blockchain provide cryptographic queries to miners in an anonymous and undefined manner.

The first miner to succeed in completing the cryptographic query for transaction verification receives a reward in cryptocurrency, as if it were a commission for the service rendered. In addition, when a block of transactions is completed, a larger reward is paid out.

As can be seen from this, it is a probabilistic process and based on the amount of computing power used. In order to reduce the randomness of the rewards and achieve consistent profits, one joins a 'mining pool' where several miners join together and share the rewards in proportion to the amount of computing power they provide.

HOUSING crypto

We are at the forefront of creating housing systems for mining cryptocurrencies for both companies and individuals with a focus on the green aspect of the blockchain and low consumption


We have set up a proven and cost-effective system for the end user who wants to mine with their own machines, we provide all the hardware and advice needed to start creating cryptocurrencies

helium Mining

Using a simple device in your home or office, you can provide your city with kilometres of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and earn a new cryptocurrency, the HNT.


We can assist you in the design and creation of decentralised and independent control systems to bring your company in touch with the future and enable innovative management of your processes!

token & nft creation

If you are planning to create a token or a collection of NFTs for yourself or your company and do not know where to start or do not know the advantages a token or a collection of NFTs could bring you ,book a consultationnow .

crypto consultancy

We can manage your crypto investments with professional and honest advice. We are also in the process of implementing staking nodes.
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Want to earn crypto from your surplus energy?

Instead of selling off the energy you produce in your company or at home, we can provide you with a proven facility to create cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcon, Monero, Chia, Toncoin and many others from nothing. In addition to monetising immediately, the currencies grow in value over time even up to 10 times their value in a few months. 


Gain by installing Helium antennas 

The extraction of HNT with hotspots is done via radio technology, without using wasteful and expensive GPUs. With only 5W of power, it is affordable for everyone!


Tokens, NFT and blockchain for companies

Get ready for the biggest market transformation since the advent of the internet. Upgrade your processes with blockchain technology, create your own coin/token or NFT to receive payments and decentralise payments or ensure the incontrovertible traceability of the blockchain with smart contracts tailored to your reality

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Bitcoin, as Kyosaski defines it, is the currency of the people but, given the nature of its production through mining, it has numerous barriers to entry.

We think that mining should be within everyone's reach with a view to total decentralisation of the network and wealth.

So that each becomes its own 'central bank' and benefits the entire Blockchain system.

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